How & What - About - Property Market in Singapore

General FAQ:

1. How can I know whether an estate agent has a valid licence?

You can verify whether an agent has a valid licence through the following website: http://www.cea.gov.sg/cea/app/newimplpublicregister/publicregister.jspa

2. Does the law say that the amount of commission should be 1% of the purchase price or half of a month's rental?

The law has no stipulations on the amount or the rate of commission an estate agent is entitled to. It is subject to negotiation between you and your appointed estate agent.

3. How can I verify ownership inforamtion of a property?

You can verify property ownership details at https://www.inlis.gov.sg/layout/homepage.aspx

Property Sale FAQ:

1. I am planning to sell a property and earlier appointed an estate agency as the exclusive agency to help me sell it. However, I would now like to appoint another agency. Can I cancel my earlier appointment?

Estate agency agreements are legally binding documents. If you would like to amend any clauses in the agreement or cancel the agreement, you must obtain the consent of the other party, that is, the estate agency.\

If the estate agency does not agree to cancel the exclusive agreement, you should seek legal advice on the way forward. You should not sell your property through another estate agency prior to the expiry of the agreement and without seeking legal advice, as you may have to pay commission to both estate agencies as a result.

2. How to apply for a HDB flat Valuation Report?

You can use e-Resale (Online Submission of Resale Application and Valuation Request) to apply for a HDB flat Valuation Report

3. When do a HDB valuation report expired?

A HDB valuation report is valid for 3 months. The valuation report will expire after the third month from the Date of Report.

There are commonly 3 dates found in a HDB valuation report. That is, Date of Request, Date of inspection and Date of Report. The Date of Report is the later date found in the report as the report approval is the final phase of the valuation process. The Date of Report is commonly found on top of the first page of the HDB Valuation Report.

Resale transaction application must to HDB before expiry of the valuation report.

4. How can I get Computation of Occupation Period for Purpose of Resale?

Please click here to apply for the Computation of your Occupation Period for the Purpose of Resale.

5. How can I know Buyer's Eligibility under the Ethnic Integration Policy and SPR Quota

Property Rental FAQ:

1. In case I'm relocated before the expiry of the lease, is there any possibility to terminate the contract?

Yes. The lease contract will include the 'Diplomatic Clause' that says you may terminate the contract. To know more about 'Diplomatic Clause', please click here

2. How to check legal status of tenants?

Immigration status of non-citizen subtenants may be verified using the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's iEnquiry website. You may also check the Employment Pass and S Pass validity using MOM's website

3. What is the maximum number of subtenants allowed in each flat?

1-room and 2-room - 4 persons
3-room - 6 persons
4-room and bigger - 9 persons

3. How can I check if a flat can be sublet to Non-Citizens?

E-Service is available on the HDB InfoWEB, to check HDB Sublet eligibility for Non-Citizens. Please click here http://www.hdb.gov.sg/subletting-quota

(To prevent the formation of foreigner enclaves, HDB implemented a quota to cap the number of flats that can be wholly sublet to Non-Citizens in each neighbourhood and block. The quota will be set at 8% at the neighbourhood level, and 11% at the block level. It will apply to subtenants who are Singapore Permanent Residents and foreigners, but will not apply to Malaysians. The quota will not apply to subletting of rooms)

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact me at - ramesh.res22@gamil.com or you can call me @ (+65) 91166802

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